Alcaidhe & Coral bio

Musical duo formed in 2011 by Alvaro Alcaidhe and Leonor Coral with events performed across Spain.

Throughout their musical career they have known how to surround themselves with great artists in their events such as Pedro Gordillo, Emi Bonilla, Ana Torralvo, Adelfa Soto, Cecilia Gallego, Macarena Albarracin, Jose Lucena, Fernando Luis Aisa, Fran Rivero y Maria Jose Santiago.

Alvaro Alcaidhe

He debuted on stages in 2009 in the contest "It's called copla" of Canal Sur Television. Thanks to this springboard he gained experience to participate in numerous spanish song competitions in Andalusia at fairs, clubs, festivals and galas.

In 2011 he organized the show "Beautiful nights of... El Palo" held at the Auditorium of the Deputation of Malaga. In 2012 he recorded his first album called "Mar y Fe" dedicated to his artistic godmother Marife de Triana, which he sang in the delivery of the Gold Medal for the merit of the work awarded to the artist in Malaga.

In 2015 he organized the first copla Festival of El Palo, his hometown, called "Jesus Lopez Memorial", the alma mater of the mythical temple of the Malaga copla and flamenco "El Pimpi Florida". On the occasion of its great success this festival has been celebrated every year.

He participated in the television program of Canal Sur Television "Original and copla" in 2018, giving him events in various stages of Andalusia and Madrid.

Leonor Coral

She debuted on stages in 1998 in a charity event for children with Down Syndrome, from then on she managed to perform in clubs, different booths at the Malaga Fair and charity events.

In 2005 she recorded his first album entitled "Como dos barquitos" singing coplas, two-steps and sevillians. After this experience she performed on numerous stages in Andalusia, Castilla La Mancha, Murcia and Madrid.

In 2011 she participated in the show "Beautiful nights of... El Palo" where the current Alcaidhe & Coral duet began to take shape.

Photo of Alcaide and Coral